Izzie in HolyLand – Part 4

(Telephone rings)

Izzie: Hello?

Barack: Hey Izzie, it’s me…

Izzie: Baracky?! Is that you baby?

Barack: Yeah, did I wake you?

Izzie: It’s OK baby, you can call me anytime… you OK?

Barack: Yeah, yeah…. It’s just…

Izzie: What… you can tell me…

Barack: I dunno. Rahm showed me this piece in Haaretz… Kinda got me thinking…

Izzie: Well, if it’s Rahm, then it can’t be that important. What is it?

Barack: Something about you meeting with some settlers…

Izzie: Oh… that one. What about it?

Barack: What about it? I think you know “what about it”…

Izzie: Look, Barack, it’s 3 am, just tell me what bothered you, OK?

Barack: Alright, alright. I still think you know, though, but if you want me to spell it out for you, fine. I’m talking about when the discussion came to the settlement freeze, and you said “At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. But we have to act wisely…”.


Barack: Izzie?

Izzie: Yeah, I’m here. So?

Barack: So?…

Izzie: What’s the problem?

Barack: The “problem”, Izzie, is that I get the feeling you’re not being straight with me. I have a feeling you’re saying one thing to me, and another to that Ketsale guy you keep seeing.

unhappy%20coupleIzzie: Is that what this is about? You think I’m cheating on you with Ketsale? Oh, Baracky….

Barack: What…

Izzie: You know better than that.

Barack: I don’t know any more, Izzie… I just don’t know…

Izzie: Oh, c’mon, you gotta give me more credit Baracky, baby…

Barack: And then I hear that you approve more construction in the West Bank, after we reached a deal on it, after you told me you’d put a freeze on it, and that was it – no more building. I mean, what’s up with that?

Izzie: (Stretches and yawns loudly) Ooooh boy, am I tired. Can we talk about this in the morning?

Barack: Izzie!!!!

Izzie: What….???

Barack: Izzie, I’m trying to get something going here before we meet with Palestine, when you guys both come to New York at the end of the month. And you’re pulling off these crazy stunts! It’s just a slap in the face!

Izzie: I’m sorry: Are you yelling at me?

Barack: NO!!!

Izzie: Cuz it sounds like you’re yelling at me. And if you are, I think you should call me back when you calm down.

Barack: ….

Izzie: … Now, take a deep breath. Call me in a few hours, and I’ll explain everything, OK?

Barack: Promise?

Izzie: Yes baby, I promise

Barack: OK… Bye honey….

Izzie: Bye Baracky…. Anyway, it’s only another 500 units. (hangs up)

Barack: What??? Izzie?? You there?!?!? What did she say? Sh-t!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Response to “Izzie in HolyLand – Part 4”

  1. 1 liat
    September 8, 2009 at 22:58

    for a change i was truly laughing!:)
    great way to start my day. thanks.
    c u in Sukkoth!

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